Send in your photos!

Hey Everyone!

If you have some photos that you have with either of us, send them are way! We are trying to put together a collage for the wedding and we would love to have photos of us and our friends there.

Rummage through those iphoto files and upload them here.


Congrats to Spain the Euro 2012 Champs! Well deserved.

Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012, ________.

And one of my favorite photos of the day:

El Nino and his posse :)

Congrats to Mr. Torres for also winning the Golden Boot!

Hotel, Motel, or Holiday Inn?

Hey Family and Friends!

If you are traveling down to SD and are looking to bunk up with some other folks who are heading down this way, please use this post/forum to connect and make plans or to post ANY good deals on hotels that you find!

Here are some places to look at: (rent an apartment for a weekend!)

Good luck!

Autobots: (have) ROLL(ed) OUT!

I was hoping to post this before all of the invitations were sent out, but USPS beat me to it!

Hopefully they’ve all reached their proper destinations in one piece! It’s official. We can’t turn back now…


She’s Crafty – She’s the Paper Type

Hello! Jenn here updating all of you to the happenings with the wedding. We’re 3 months until the event and we are kicking it into high gear with finalizing the remaining details and starting to put together the DIY stuff. Right now, we’re working on everything paper. I love paper products so expect a lot of papery things in the wedding!

My cousin Nikki has been working hard designing and creating the invitations that will be invading mailboxes soon. She has done an amazing job with them and they definitely reflect our personalities and the tone of how we would like our wedding to be. We can’t wait for everyone to see them!

Maya has also been helping me with creating the decorations for the reception. I invade her apartment every week with something new to do for the reception. For the next few weeks, I see us forming a makeshift assembly line putting together the small details of the wedding. It seems fitting as we are doing all this in Downtown L.A. It’s our wee homage to the industrial workers of the past and present. Granted, we are in better conditions as we have endless cable television and cookies to help the process :)

Maya sewing paper together…

As labor intensive this work is, it has revived my crafty side. I recently got a new Mac and I have been playing around with the new CS5 non stop. I did not realize how much I have missed designing, even as simple as creating address labels for invitations. In the day job, I do not get to exercise my creativity as much as I used to, and I do miss it a lot. For now, I’ll let my creative side go after work. I look forward to creating more fun stuff for the wedding…until Ray tells me to stop going overboard :)

Until next time!



Congratulations to Tony and Sylina

Congratulations to my good friend Tony Nguyen, as he and his bride Sylina Espinosa are getting married this weekend. Jenn and I wish you two all the best and many blessings as you begin a new chapter in both of your lives.


3 Months and Counting

We are just about 3 months away, can you believe it? We can’t, but we’re really excited.

We’ll be posting more frequently now with updates regarding the wedding, so check back often! Check out our updated Location, Date & Time page to see hotels we’ve blocked rooms for.

Go Niners!

Vernon Davis The Grab

Vernon Davis - "The Grab"

Quick sidebar, clearly not related to the wedding. But, if you missed the 49ers-Saints game this past weekend, you missed out! In what had to be the most exciting playoff game so far this year, the 49ers pulled off an amazing last second touchdown, Alex Smith to Vernon Davis, “The Grab”. So yeah, I’m kind of excited. The year is off to a great start already ☺ Go NINERS!!!

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We’ve added a new guestbook page that we would love for you to sign! Say hi, leave a comment, or just write something random. Have fun!

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Engagement Photos!

Ray and I took engagement photos the day after Christmas. Photos were taken by Melissa Tomeoni, a friend of mine from Chapman, who was kind enough to take the time out of her holiday break to take photos of us running around Chinatown near Downtown L.A. She has her own photography studio called Soul Mates Photography in Portland, Oregon and is an AMAZING photographer. See a sample of our session here:

A huge THANK YOU to Melissa for the awesome work!

~ Jenn

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