The Thongnoi's

the thongnoi’s

JT was born and raised in southern California. she mainly grew up in Diamond Bar, a suburb in Los Angeles County, with her mom, Suda, and her dad, John. It was always the three of them, – doing everything together including going to concerts, yearly family vacations, and just being silly. Without them, JT wouldn’t be who she is today.


The Wong's

the wong’s

JR was born in Berkeley, CA and lived in the city of Richmond, CA for the first 10 years of his life. Together, with his mother, father and sister, they would then move to Socal in 1992. They have been there for JR his entire life, with love and support at every turn. We’ve been so fortunate to have each other. From having a best friend in his older sister, Lauren, to the two most loving parents, Ray and Lynda, he could ever ask for.