Specifically, our engagement story. It goes a little something like this.

(as told by JR)

April 28, 2011. Jenn had just finished her very last class of gradschool at USC. Very casually I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate. So relieved to be done with school, of course she wanted to go out! Little did she know I had other plans.

I “suggested” Dana Point Harbor, the site of one of our very first dates. We decided on a restaurant, Harbor Grill I believe, which I honestly don’t even remember how the food tasted. So here’s where my plan really kicks in. I thought it would be nice to walk around the harbor, over the bridge, and at some point pop the question. What I didn’t figure was how difficult it would be to find that some point!

As we’re walking, I’m not sure how I was able to hold a remotely coherent conversation because all I was thinking was when and where would be the spot. Palms sweating, heart beating, I kept telling myself, “just a little further”. Finally, we reached a bench, talked a little more, and this is when I noticed she knew something was up. I’ll spare you my stuttering speech and gushy talk, but as I finally worked up the courage, I dropped to one knee, pulled out the ring that had been bulging from my cargo pants and popped the question. Yes, tears were flowing and a huge sense of relief followed. We then proceeded to notify our immediate family. So that’s the story, and I’m sticking to it!

(as told by JT)

Well, I was finishing my last week of grad school (WOO HOO) and Ray had asked me if I wanted to come down to Laguna Niguel on a Thursday evening (greaaaat – traffic) to celebrate the fact that I was done with classes. With my brain already fried, I agreed. Plus, it was a free meal.

I barreled down the lovely 405 freeway to Laguna Niguel from Downtown L.A. that Thursday after work. When I got to Ray’s place, I asked him specifically where we were going to dinner. He had no idea. He figured we’d just go to Dana Point Harbor and find something there (way to NOT to plan, Ray). He was acting kind of strange, but I didn’t think twice to ask him about it.

We found a place to have dinner and I just focused on my food. I didn’t notice that he was barely eating. After stuffing my face, Ray suggested we take a walk around the harbor. It was perfect after all that eating.

As we walked around the harbor, I noticed Ray was acting a bit odd. He kept looking around, as if he was looking for something. After a while, we finally found a bench to sit. Sitting next to him, I could hear his heart beating out of his chest. What was going on? Did something happened? Is he… wait… no… now?

Just as I was about to say something, Ray gets up off the bench and goes down on one knee. Cue the waterworks, the hugging, and the kissing. And like Ray said, we started calling our family. That’s when I found out that my parents had already known and had been keeping it a secret for a week! Sneaky Ray and families for knowing! It was completely unexpected, but I’m happy that it happened. Most exciting Thursday ever :)