August, 2006

Ray joins TPI

July, 2007

Jenn joins TPI (Ray thinks she's a punk!)

May 23, 2008

FIRST DATE! Ray asks Jenn out to see a movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (too bad, so sad...of a movie)

June, 2008

Jenn leaves TPI and gets a job working for Sony Online Entertainment. Leaves Ray in the OC as she moves down to SD (now 1.5 hours apart!)

August, 2008

Ray's birthday at Disneyland (Jenn converts Ray to a D-land fanboy)

September, 2008

First road trip to the Bay Area and Napa

December, 2008

First Christmas together

January, 2009

Fun at CES in Vegas

June, 2009

Jenn gets into grad school at USC (GO TROJANS!). Ray is NOT particularly happy about the school, but is happy that Jenn is moving back up and now they are only 45 minutes apart

July, 2009

COMIC CON in San Diego. Jenn dresses up Ray for his first (of many to come) midnight showing of Harry Potter

August, 2009

Jenn starts grad school

December, 2009

Jon and Joan's wedding, and Christmas in Phoenix, AZ

May, 2010

Ray and Jenn go camping at the Grand Canyon

November, 2010

Geoff and Khanh's wedding, Thanksgiving in Houston, TX. Ray and Jenn gain 10 lbs.

February, 2011

Ray sadly leaves his boys at TPI, starts new job at the Auto Club of Southern California

April, 2011

DUN DUN DUN DUN...Ray proposes to Jenn. For more on this, check out Our Story :)